Uniform & Costume Hire

Individually made to order uniforms and leotards by Bloch. To be ordered through the school

Ballet |

Baby Ballet Pink Ballet leotard and skirt, socks and shoes

Assessment- Grade 1  Turquoise Ballet leotard and skirt, pink ballet socks

Satin ballet shoes

Grade 1 - 3  Baby Blue short sleeved leotard and belt, Ballet socks,Satin ballet shoes

Grade 4 and Grade 5  Lavender Leotard and belt, Ballet socks or tights, Pink Satin or leather ballet shoes

Grade 6 and Grade 7  Burgundy camisole leotard, Burgundy ballet belt, Pink ballet tights, Ballet shoes

Pre-Inter - Advanced Ballet  Black camisole leotard, Black ballet belt, Pink ballet tights, Ballet shoes

Ballet | Modern/Jazz and Tap  Black all-in-ones - various styles, Black tap shoes

Show & Competition Costume Hire

We have show and competition costumes for hire. Some examples are listed below, please contact us for more details.

For all enquiries call Mrs. Lawrence on 07469 840 028 or email mariegill29@gmail.com

Character costumes such as:

  • Snow White & seven little people

  • Madagascar

  • Wenlock & Mandeville

  • Mr. Men

  • Tinkerbell

  • Spiderman


Other items such as:

  • Leather look T-Bird style jackets

  • Policemen /helmets/truncheons

  • Pink baby elephants

  • Eastern style costumes

  • Irish green skirted leotards

  • Caterpillar

  • Dressage leotards and tails

  • Ravens

  • Baby pumpkins and ghosts

  • Lyrical dresses

  • Prices from £3 + deposit


Tu-tus also available:

  • Pull-up Tu-tu from £6

  • Competition tailored Tu-tu from £30 + deposit